11 Costco Items To Stock Up on for Winter

1. Blankets & Throws: Cozy essentials for chilly nights.

2. Canned Soups: Quick warmth in a comforting bowl.

3. Hot Cocoa Mix: Sweet treats for cold evenings.

4. Winter Apparel: Affordable layers for the family.

5. Firewood Bundles: Keep the fireplace roaring.

6. Frozen Berries: Nutrient-packed smoothie ingredients.

7. Insulated Tumblers: Sip hot drinks on the go.

8. Hearty Stews: Easy-to-make, hearty one-pot meals.

9. LED Candles: Create a warm, ambient atmosphere.

10. Electric Blankets: Stay warm in bed all night.

11. Snow Shovels: Be prepared for winter storms.

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