11 Bulk Food Items To Buy In Costco To Save Money This Spring

1. Rice - Economical staple, versatile for many dishes.

2. Beans - Affordable protein source, great for soups and salads.

3. Pasta - Budget-friendly meal base, pairs with various sauces.

4. Oats - Nutritious breakfast option, ideal for baking too.

5. Nuts - Healthy snacks, rich in essential nutrients.

6. Quinoa - Protein-rich grain alternative, easy to cook.

7. Lentils - Budget-friendly protein, excellent for stews.

8. Frozen Fruit - Versatile for smoothies or desserts.

9. Olive Oil - Essential cooking ingredient, healthier choice.

10. Spices - Bulk buying saves on seasoning costs.

11. Canned Tomatoes - Convenient for sauces and soups.

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