11 Best Prepared-Food Deals at Costco

1. Bulk-size frozen pizza: Convenient for quick meals.

2. Gourmet cheese platter: Perfect for entertaining guests.

3. Rotisserie chicken: A versatile and affordable protein option.

4. Fresh sushi platters: Enjoy restaurant-quality sushi at home.

5. Pre-made salad kits: Healthy and convenient meal option.

6. Artisanal bread loaves: Elevate your sandwiches and meals.

7. Ready-to-eat shrimp cocktail: Ideal for effortless appetizers.

8. Frozen appetizer variety pack: Perfect for parties or snacking.

9. Deli meat and cheese trays: Create customized sandwiches.

10. Chef-prepared meal kits: Simplify dinner prep without sacrificing quality.

11. Bulk packs of desserts: Indulge in sweet treats without the hassle.

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