10 Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

1. Electric fireplace: Costco offers stylish electric fireplaces to keep your home cozy and warm.

2. Insulated tumblers: Sip on hot drinks with Costco's insulated tumblers, perfect for chilly days.

3. Heated throw blankets: Snuggle up in warmth with Costco's selection of luxurious heated throw blankets.

4. Snow shovels: Gear up for winter storms with durable snow shovels from Costco's collection.

5. LED string lights: Illuminate your winter nights with energy-efficient LED string lights for a festive touch.

6. Thermal curtains: Save on heating bills with Costco's insulating thermal curtains for drafty windows.

7. Emergency food kits: Be prepared for any weather with Costco's convenient and reliable emergency food kits.

8. Heavy-duty space heaters: Stay toasty in any room with Costco's powerful and efficient space heaters.

9. Waterproof winter boots: Tackle snow and slush with Costco's affordable and durable waterproof winter boots.

10. Cozy flannel sheets: Elevate your bedding with Costco's soft and cozy flannel sheets for a snug night's sleep.

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