10 Useful Kitchen Items You Can Get at Dollar Tree


If you purchase the same quantity of stuff at Dollar Tree as you would at Walmart, you would save 43 cents.

Paper Towels

Buy a roll of Bounty Essentials Paper Towels for $1.25 a roll or a 30-pack for $37.50.


"At Dollar Tree, one costs $1.25, but a two-pack costs over $10 on Amazon."

Plastic Party Supplies

You can get this sizable plastic serving bowl at Dollar Tree for $1.25 instead of spending more at a party supply store, whereas a nearly comparable dish costs $5 at Party City.

Sandwich and Freezer Bags

If you need sandwich bags, choose this 29-count bag from Amazon for $1.25 a bag rather than Staples' offer of a 50-count for $4.49.

Baking Cups

"Fancy patterns come in things like solid colours, polka dot prints, and metallic finishes if you choose them.

Disposable Icing Bags

"This is an inexpensive way to dangle your toes in the pastime, whether you want to try your hand at crafting lovely cupcakes.

Shelf Liners0

If you have wire shelving in addition to these, cleaning your cabinets will be much simpler than if you leave them empty.

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