10 Unique Project Ideas for College Students Computer Science

1. Virtual Campus Tour App: Explore campuses virtually for prospective students.

2. AI-Powered Personalized Learning Platform: Customize learning paths using AI algorithms.

3. Gesture Recognition for Sign Language Translation: Translate sign language gestures into text or speech.

4. Blockchain-Based Secure Voting System: Ensure transparency and security in voting processes.

5. Autonomous Drone Delivery System: Develop drones for package delivery without human intervention.

6. Health Monitoring Wearable with ML Analysis: Track health data and analyze patterns for proactive healthcare.

7. Augmented Reality Museum Guide: Enhance museum experiences with interactive AR guides.

8. Predictive Maintenance System for Machinery: Use data analytics to predict equipment failures and prevent downtime.

9. Social Media Sentiment Analysis Tool: Analyze sentiments of posts/comments on social media platforms.

10. E-commerce Fraud Detection System: Identify fraudulent transactions using machine learning algorithms.

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