10 Top Data Science Applications

1. Fraud and Risk Detection

Finance and data science go hand in hand as, like data science, Finance is also about data.

2. Healthcare

Traditionally medical images were studied by doctors themselves, looking for clues to detect an abnormality,

3. Image Recognition and Speech Recognition

Data science algorithms rule the speech and image recognition fields

4. Airline Route Planning

Companies like Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines have started to incur data science in their processing of flights to bring in the new change in their working style.

5. Gaming

They're also machine and data science algorithms that upgrade themselves to a new level as the gamer moves up the higher level in the game

6. Banking

Data science has enabled banks across the globe to be more secure and manage their resources efficiently.

7. E-commerce

Data science algorithms and machine learning concepts like NLP and recommendation systems are hugely benefitting the e-commerce market

8. Manufacturing

Data scientists are the new factory labor in the manufacturing industry and thus acquired a crucial position in manufacturing and retail.

9. Transport

The most significant advancement or the evolution that data science has given us in transportation is introducing self-driving cars.

10. Education

Data science plays a vital role in nurturing a person's academic, non-academic, and social-emotional skills.