10 Target New Year’s Eve Party Supplies

1. Glittering Party Hats: Sparkling headwear for a festive touch.

2. Confetti Poppers: Burst of joy in every pop, perfect for midnight.

3. LED Balloons: Illuminate the night with vibrant, glowing balloons.

4. Champagne Flutes: Elegant glasses for toasting to the New Year.

5. Photo Booth Props: Capture memories with fun and quirky props.

6. Metallic Tableware: Shimmering plates and utensils for a chic setup.

7. Noise Makers: Ring in the New Year with lively celebratory sounds.

8. Sequin Tablecloth: Glamorous backdrop for your party essentials.

9. NYE Banners: Decorate with banners counting down to midnight.

10. Party Favors: Send guests home with small tokens of appreciation.

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