10 surprising expensive items you can buy at Costco

1. Diamond Jewelry - High-quality gems at surprisingly affordable prices.

2. Designer Handbags - Luxury brands with exclusive discounts.

3. Artisanal Cheeses - Premium and rare cheeses for culinary enthusiasts.

4. Fine Wines - Extensive selection of high-end wines for connoisseurs.

5. Electronics - Top-tier gadgets and devices at competitive prices.

6. High-End Watches - Exclusive timepieces for discerning shoppers.

7. Organic Meats - Premium cuts of organic and sustainably sourced meats.

8. Outdoor Furniture - Stylish and durable patio sets for upscale living

9. Gourmet Chocolates - Indulgent treats from renowned chocolatiers.

10. Spa Services - Discounted spa memberships for a touch of luxury at home.

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