Stocks Set To Soar From Holiday Shopping


The largest ecommerce monster on Earth as well as one of the finest stocks of the twenty-first century.


Big box retailers like Costco are a distinct breed from businesses like Walmart and Target.

United Airlines

The airline industry is anticipating record demand, and United, one of the top three U.S. airlines, should benefit greatly.

TJX Companies

The parent company of several well-known off-price clothing and home fashion brands is TJX Companies.


This year, many investors have both Walmart and Target on their Christmas lists, and with good cause.

Best Buy

Best Buy has the connections and the reach necessary to withstand any supply-chain hiccups that might attempt to destroy Christmas.

iShares Transportation Average ETF

Always take a chance on businesses who deliver products from warehouses to front porches.


The ETF enables you to invest in all the major players in a lucrative sector.


Starbucks does particularly well because of the increased foot traffic brought by by both the colder weather and consumers.


As Americans celebrate by abandoning their own diets and giving chocolates in gift baskets.

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