10 Spring Makeover on Hanging Basket from Dollar Tree

1. Pastel-Colored Ribbon: Add a touch of spring with ribbon accents.

2. Faux Flowers: Vibrant blooms for a burst of color.

3. Miniature Birdhouse: Whimsical addition to welcome spring.

4. Butterfly Ornaments: Delicate fluttering beauties for charm.

5. Twine or Rope Hanger: Rustic touch for natural appeal. 

6. Painted Terra Cotta Pot: Personalize with spring hues. 

7. Decorative Moss: Create texture and depth. 

8. Hanging Artificial Vine: Lush greenery for added dimension.

9. Wooden Beads: Boho-chic embellishment for a trendy look. 

10. Seasonal Ribbon Bow: Festive finish for a cheerful vibe. 

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