10 Programming Languages for ISRO’s 2023 Space Projects

1. Python

Used for data analysis, simulations, and automation in ground operations.

2. Java

Applied in mission control software and ground-based applications.

3. C++

Efficient and versatile languages for system programming and hardware control in spacecraft.


Legacy language for scientific and numerical computations in space research.

5. Ada

Known for reliability, used in safety-critical systems like mission-critical software.


Utilized for mathematical modeling, simulations, and signal processing.

7. Assembly

For low-level programming and optimizing critical operations in embedded systems.

8. LabVIEW

Employed in designing graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and test automation.

9. R

Useful for data analysis and visualization in satellite missions.

10. SQL

For managing and querying databases containing mission-related information.

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