10 Programming Languages Every Game Developer Must Know

1. C++: Widely used in game development for its high performance and control over hardware.

2. C#: Commonly used with game engines like Unity, C# simplifies game development through its user-friendly syntax.

3. Java: Used for Android game development, Java provides platform compatibility and a robust ecosystem for mobile gaming.

4. Python: Suitable for rapid prototyping and scripting within game engines, Python aids in various game development aspects.

5. Lua: Often used as a scripting language within game engines, Lua enables easy customization and modification of game behavior.

6. Haskell: Employed in functional game programming, Haskell offers concise code and strong type systems for certain game types.

7. JavaScript: Essential for browser-based and web games, JavaScript allows interactive and dynamic game experiences on web platforms.

8. Swift: For iOS game development, Swift provides performance and modern language features ideal for creating engaging mobile games.

9. GDScript: Designed for use with the Godot game engine, GDScript simplifies game development within the engine's ecosystem.

10. Rust: Gaining traction in game development due to its memory safety and performance advantages, Rust is used for system-level programming in games.

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