10 New Year's Entertaining Featured Items at Sam's Club

1. Fitness Gear: Kickstart the year with Sam's Club's exercise must-haves.

2. Event Essentials: Stylish plates, cups, and napkins for easy cleanup.

3. Dessert Variety: Indulgent treats for a sweet celebration finale.

4. Sparkling Juice: Non-alcoholic alternatives for all guests.

5. Appetizer Kits: Convenient and delicious options for easy entertaining.

6. Cheese Sampler: Premium selections for a sophisticated touch.

7. New Year Decor: Trendy decorations to elevate your space.

8. Snack Bundles: Curated mixes for satisfying party cravings.

9. Party Platters: Diverse assortments for stress-free hosting.

10. Champagne: Sam's Club exclusive labels for a sparkling toast.

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