Items You Might Not Find in Your Grocery Store


US farmers have stopped growing chickpeas in favour of other crops, which has decreased the domestic supply.


Combined with an export stipulation put in place by India to safeguard its food security.


This could indicate a decrease in the availability of sugar, resulting in higher prices and potential shortages.


Inspectors from the United States are stationed in Mexico to examine whether Mexican avocados may be exported to the country without risk.

Paper Goods

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has once again impacted pulp supplies, leading to shortages of supply from Europe.

Canned Goods

In 2020 and 2021, individuals will store up on canned foods, which will cause a scarcity of aluminium for manufacturers.

Eggs and Meat

Due to reports of a chicken scarcity in the spring of 2021, fast-food chains reduced their chicken offerings.

Pet Food

There are already nationwide shortages of dog and cat food as a result of the ongoing aluminium scarcity and shipping problems.

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