10 Groceries To Buy From Walmart When You’re Broke

1. Great Value Rice & Beans: Affordable pantry staple for filling meals.

2. Marketside Pizza: Budget-friendly dinner option for the whole family.

3. Great Value Peanut Butter: Cheap protein source for snacks or sandwiches.

4. Great Value Pasta: Inexpensive base for countless meal possibilities.

5. Sam's Choice Bottled Water: Cost-effective hydration solution. 

6. Great Value Frozen Vegetables: Convenient and economical way to get your greens. 

7. Great Value Canned Soup: Quick, cheap meal option for busy days.

8. Great Value Oatmeal: Affordable breakfast choice packed with nutrients.

9. Great Value Bread: Basic staple for sandwiches or toast. 

10. Great Value Eggs: Versatile and affordable protein source.

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