10 Frugal Gifts From Target That Look Expensive

1. Cozy chic: Target's affordable faux fur throw blankets for a luxe touch.

2. Elegant aromas: Target's scented candles in stylish packaging.

3. Gourmet treats: Target's artisanal chocolates and snacks.

4. Spa at home: Target's budget-friendly bath bomb sets and robes.

5. Trendy tech: Target's sleek phone accessories and gadgets.

6. Stylish sips: Target's elegant wine glasses or coffee mugs.

7. Greenery delight: Target's faux potted plants for lasting beauty.

8. Fashion forward: Target's trendy scarves and accessories.

9. Home ambiance: Target's decorative vases and candles.

10. Personal touch: Target's customizable photo frames and albums.

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