10 Exciting New Costco Products Available in May

1. Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix - Decadent delight for sweet tooth cravings.

2. Organic Avocado Oil - Versatile and heart-healthy cooking essential.

3. Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glasses - Unique party conversation starter.

4. Vegan Mushroom Jerky - Savory snack packed with umami flavor.

5. Bamboo Cheese Board Set - Elegant entertaining made easy.

6. Plant-Based Burger Patties - Delicious and sustainable meat alternative.

7. Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate - Convenient boost for busy mornings.

8. Sparkling Mango Water - Refreshing twist on a classic hydration choice.

9. Coconut Lime Body Scrub - Luxurious spa experience at home.

10. Mini Cast Iron Skillets - Perfect for individual servings and presentation.

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