10 Costco Purchases That Are Worth Every Penny for Retirees

1. Kirkland Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil - High-quality, large bottle at a great price.

2. Hearing Aids - Affordable, high-tech options to improve daily life.

3. Prescription Glasses - Stylish frames and lenses at unbeatable prices.

4. Nutrisystem Meals - Convenient, healthy meals to support dietary needs.

5. Bulk Nuts and Seeds - Perfect for healthy snacking and heart health.

6. Mattresses - Comfortable, supportive mattresses for better sleep.

7. Fitness Equipment - Home gym essentials to stay active and healthy.

8. Travel Packages - Exclusive deals on vacations, cruises, and more.

9. Gasoline - Consistently lower prices to save on fuel costs.

10. Emergency Food Kits - Peace of mind with long-lasting, emergency supplies.

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