10 Cool Python Project Ideas For Beginners in 2024


Personal Portfolio Website: Create a website to showcase your skills, projects, and achievements.

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To-Do List App: Build a simple to-do list application with features such as adding tasks, setting deadlines, and marking completion.

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Weather App: Develop a program that fetches and displays current weather conditions based on user input or location using a weather API.

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Simple Game (e.g., Hangman): Implement a classic game like Hangman, reinforcing basic programming concepts and user interaction.

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Chatbot: Create a basic chatbot that can respond to user queries, using libraries like ChatterBot or NLTK for natural language processing.

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Alarm Clock with GUI: Build an alarm clock application with a graphical user interface (GUI) using a library like Tkinter for a more interactive experience.

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Web Scraper: Develop a web scraper to extract information from a website, learning about HTML parsing and data extraction.

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Currency Converter: Create a program that converts currencies based on real-time exchange rates, utilizing an API for currency data.

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Image Processing Filters: Experiment with image processing by implementing filters like grayscale, blur, or edge detection using libraries like OpenCV.

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Password Generator:Build a password generator that creates strong and secure passwords with various criteria like length and character types.

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