10 Cheap Aldi Grocery Products To Start Buying Now


The price of the organic salsa is only little higher than the normal selections, which range from $2.50 to $2.50 for a 16-ounce bottle.


Clancy's sells a variety of types of potato chips for roughly $2.50 per bag, and they also sell organic sweet potato chips.

Cream Cheese

Moreover, a variety of flavoured cream cheese spreads are offered in both larger (8-ounce) packages and smaller "snack packs."


The half-gallon version of organic milk costs about $4.50 while the 1-gallon options cost roughly $3.50.

Pastured Eggs

A dozen Grade A white eggs from the Goldhen brand cost about $2.50, comparable to prices at other supermarkets (or slightly cheaper).

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is often highly expensive, costing $5 per ounce (or more). A 2-ounce bottle from Aldi costs about $6.50, or about $3.25 per ounce.


Black beans from Aldi's own brand, Dakota's Pride, cost less than $1 per can while those from national brands usually cost around $1.50.

Canned Seafood

While big brands normally charge $4 to $5 per can, the Northern Catch brand of canned salmon sold by Aldi costs little over $3.50.

Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns

Hot dog buns typically cost $3 to $4 for an 8-pack at most stores, but Aldi sells them for only about $1.50, which is a great deal.


The salad kits are less expensive than similar brands; they cost about $3.30 versus $4 for others. The mixed greens are comparable to those found at other supermarkets.

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