10 Bulk Items You Need To Be Buying From Sam’s Club This Spring

1. Gardening supplies: Soil, seeds, tools for greener gardens!

2. Outdoor furniture: Affordable sets for patio lounging. 

3. BBQ essentials: Charcoal, sauces, and grilling utensils. 

4. Sunscreen: Stock up for sunny days ahead!

5. Picnic snacks: Chips, dips, and drinks for outdoor fun. 

6. Cleaning supplies: Spring cleaning made easier with bulk buys. 

7. Disposable dinnerware: Plates, cups, and napkins for gatherings. 

8. Sports equipment: Gear up for outdoor activities and games.

9. Fresh produce: Fruits and veggies in bulk for healthy meals.

10. Bottled water: Stay hydrated during outdoor adventures.

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