10 Best Spring Decor Items from Target for a Seasonal Refresh

1. Floral-print throw pillows: Add a pop of spring colors to your sofa.

2. Pastel ceramic vases: Perfect for displaying fresh blooms.

3. Woven rattan baskets: Organize clutter with natural textures.

4. Spring-scented candles: Infuse your home with refreshing fragrances.

5. Botanical wall art: Bring the outdoors in with vibrant prints.

6. Leaf-patterned table runner: Dress up your dining table for spring gatherings.

7. Decorative bird figurines: Delightful accents for shelves or mantels.

8. Faux potted plants: Enjoy greenery without the upkeep.

9. Embroidered tea towels: Pretty and practical for kitchen decor.

10. Outdoor string lights: Illuminate your patio for cozy evenings.

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