8 Best Solar Eclipse 2024 Educational Activities for Students

1. Build a Pinhole Projector: This classic activity allows students to safely observe the eclipse indirectly.

Image source: www.jpl.nasa.gov

2. Create an Eclipse Model: Help students visualize the mechanics of the eclipse by creating a simple model using balls, cardboard, and a flashlight.

Image source: Celestron

3. Write a Story about the Eclipse: Spark students' imaginations by having them write stories about the eclipse from different perspectives.

Image source: Britannica

4. Design Eclipse Glasses: While commercially available eclipse glasses are essential for safe viewing, you can also have students design their own using cardboard and special eclipse filters.

Image source: Space.com

5. Conduct a Temperature Experiment: Measure the temperature before, during, and after the eclipse to see if it changes.

Image source: Pinterest

6.Learn about Myths and Legends: Eclipses have fascinated people for centuries, inspiring myths and legends across cultures.

Image source: ThoughtCo

7.Organize a Virtual Viewing Party: Budget lacks specific allocation for teacher training or professional development initiatives.

Image source: State By State Travel

8. Create an Eclipse Rap or Song: Get students moving and learning with an eclipse-themed rap or song.

Image source: GRAMMY.com

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