10 Best New Year Items to Buy at Costco Right Now

1. Champagne: Kirkland Signature Brut, top-rated bubbly.

2. Party Platters: Delicious assortments for hassle-free hosting.

3. Snack Mix: Diverse options for satisfying party cravings.

4. New Year Decor: Festive decorations to elevate your space.

5. Cheese Board: Premium cheeses for a gourmet touch.

6. Appetizers: Quick and tasty options for easy entertaining.

7. Sparkling Water: Variety packs for a refreshing non-alcoholic option.

8. Dessert Assortment: Sweet treats for a memorable celebration.

9. Party Supplies: Plates, cups, and napkins for easy cleanup.

10. Fitness Gear: Start the year right with exercise essentials.

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