10 Best New Money-Saving Items Coming to Costco This Winter

1. Ceramic Knife Set: Kirkland Signature's Four-piece Ceramic Knife Set is a cost-effective alternative to traditional knives

2. Home Heating Essentials: Look for discounted electric blankets and space heaters at Costco for both comfort and savings

3. Winter Outdoor Gear: Costco provides quality, economical outdoor gear like snow boots, snowshoes

4. Pet Supplies: Find money-saving items for pets at Costco, including premium-quality dog beds

5. LED Candles and Lights: Costco's LED candles and light strings add ambiance during winter,

6. Teas: Costco offers a diverse selection of floral and herbal teas, providing health benefits and a soul-warming ritual

7. Programmable Thermostats: Invest in Costco's programmable thermostats to optimize home temperature

8. Thermal Curtains: Costco's insulated curtains at great prices efficiently keep the chill out

9. Comfort Foods: Costco's winter selection includes bulk comfort foods like soups, stews, baked goods, and hot beverages

10. Gift Cards: Costco's gift cards, often on sale, are an excellent and budget-friendly option for holiday shopping

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