10 Best Deals at Costco for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

1. Turkey: Gobble up savings with a succulent Thanksgiving turkey at a steal.

2. Stuffing Mix: Stuff your cart with stuffing mix, a budget-friendly feast essential.

3. Cranberry Sauce: Savor the sweetness of savings with discounted cranberry sauce.

4. Pumpkin Pie: Indulge in a pumpkin pie that won't carve a hole in your wallet.

5. Mashed Potatoes: Mash out high prices with affordable spuds for your sides.

6. Gravy: Pour on the savings with a delectable deal on Thanksgiving gravy.

7. Dinner Rolls: Roll into savings with soft and warm dinner rolls at low prices.

8. Pecan Pie: Sweeten the deal with a pecan pie that's easy on your budget.

9. Green Beans: String along savings with fresh green beans for a crisp side dish.

10. Pie Crusts: Crust us, you'll love the savings on pre-made pie crusts at Costco.

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