10 Best Cheap Things to Get at Aldi This November

1. Crofton Awesome Pan: A $24.99 nonstick pan in fall colors - black, orange, and green.

2. Cast-Iron Roaster: A budget-friendly $19.99 shallow cast-iron roasting pan perfect for Thanksgiving.

3. Bamboo Carving Board: Just $9.99 for a generous cutting board with a juice-catching well.

4. Almond Spekulatius: German-made spiced cookies in a $2.99 package, available from November 2.

5. Erdnussberge: Peanut clusters in festive red bags for $3.49 starting November 2.

6. Soft Gingerbread: Enjoy soft gingerbreads at $2.99 per package beginning November 2.

7. Parmigiano Reggiano: Imported Italian Parmesan in various forms, starting at $5.49.

8. Winternacht Sweets: Explore a range of German-made holiday treats.

9. Yuletide Treats: Find classic gingerbread and almond cookies for the holiday season.

10. Budget-Friendly Goodies: Aldi offers affordable holiday treats and kitchen essentials this November.

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