10 Aldi finds are perfect for Thanksgiving

1. Aldi's private label turkey is antibiotic-free and comes in a variety of sizes.

2. Aldi's pumpkin pie is made with real pumpkin and has a flaky crust.

3. Aldi's caramel apple blossoms are bite-sized pastries filled with caramel and apples.

4. Aldi's prosciutto is thinly sliced and perfect for charcuterie boards.

5. Aldi's sharp cheddar is flavorful and perfect for grating onto Thanksgiving dishes.

6. Aldi's scalloped crackers are light, buttery, and perfect for serving with cheese or dips.

7. Aldi's pure vanilla is made with pure vanilla beans and has a rich, flavorful aroma.

8. Aldi's pecan halves are perfect for adding to stuffing, pies, and salads.

9. Aldi's refrigerated pie crust is made with real butter and flour, and it's easy to roll out and bake.

10. Aldi's pumpkin pie mix is made with real pumpkin, spices, and a blend of sweet and savory flavors.

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