10 Affordable Grocery Items at Walmart for Tight Budgets

1. Great Value Pasta: Budget-friendly staple for hearty meals.

2. Marketside Pizza: Affordable option for quick dinners.

3. Equate Ibuprofen: Low-cost pain relief for minor aches.

4. Sam's Choice Bottled Water: Inexpensive hydration solution.

5. Great Value Frozen Vegetables: Budget-friendly way to add nutrients.

6. Parent's Choice Baby Formula: Affordable nutrition for infants.

7. Mainstays Bath Towels: Low-cost essentials for the home.

8. Ol' Roy Dog Food: Budget-friendly option for pet owners.

9. Great Value Canned Beans: Affordable protein source for meals.

10. Equate Facial Tissues: Inexpensive solution for colds or allergies.

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